Frances Haugen : Whistleblower and Cybercolonial Trojan

States and Hosting Providers vs Big Tech Self-Regulation Risk
Author: Pascal Cohet 18 November 2021

Ex- Facebook employee, Frances Haugen is a whistleblower who tries to raise awareness of the risks generated by Big Tech policies, and she seems to be trying to protect users. Behind this simplistic appearance, the reality of the issues at stake is very different.

Facebook, Ethiopia and De Gaulle's 18 June Call

The dangerous powers of Big Tech in general, and Facebook in particular
Author: Pascal Cohet 08 November 2021

For the second time, a US Big Tech censored an African leader. After the censorship of the Nigerian President by Twitter, Facebook has just censored the Ethiopian Prime Minister.

How the Three Classes of Informational Risks Are Entangled in Africa

Disclosure, censorship, deception: Invasive limit, legitimacy diagonal, and diversity.
Author: Pascal Cohet 31 October 2021

As broadband internet access begins to take hold in Africa, this brings both opportunities and risks, which suggests paying attention to informational risks: cindynic methodology describes these risks as crucial in the construction of perceptions, and therefore in the genesis of conflicts, which hinder sustainable development, and even just development.

Facebook's Real Name Policy and the Taliban Crackdown

Banning pseudonimity endangers lives, notably in Africa
Author: Pascal Cohet 29 October 2021

Last summer, Joe Biden unilaterally ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, casting doubts on the ability of US intelligence to anticipate developments. The speed of the Taliban takeover wreaked havoc due to insufficient means of evacuation for Afghans wishing to escape the Taliban crackdown. Some media then oddly praised Facebook's decision to allow them to lock their accounts.

2030 Agenda and Deconflictualisation

The critical role of perception builders
Author: Pascal Cohet 29 October 2021

When implementing the UN 2030 agenda, the construction of perceptions and its builders, especially in the media, must be considered. This is what second-order Cindynics suggest. This approach shares several concepts with sustainable development, and offers an operational method allowing operational efficiency gains to actors pursuing the sustainable development goals (SDG) of the 2030 agenda.

Big Tech vs Digital Sovereignties in Africa

Power over opinion, electoral interference, and undermining of African justice
Author: Pascal Cohet 28 October 2021

E.H. Carr considered three forms of political power in the international sphere: military power, economic power, and a third form, less often cited: power over opinion. As broadband internet access begins to take hold in Africa, the issue of power over public opinion should not be overlooked.